About Me


I’m Phoebe, I am a makeup lover who just wants to help some people out with my opinions and thoughts about different brands and individual pieces. Of course theirs more to me than just makeup and I’ll be letting an incite in to my life on here, with thoughts and opinions of whats happening lately or if i just want a natter.

Little Insight in to Me

So I am just a normal British girl, some would call me unconventional or “emo” but, im not sure, it seems to be if you have coloured hair are like black your ether emo or goth nowadays, i don’t really mined though. I am studying hair and makeup in college and will hopefully be doing a course soon in film a theater makeup soon. I am also Morphe ADDICT! and want every palette and brush.

There’s not really much to say but, i hope you stick around and enjoy what i have to say about different things. Thankyou.


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