Directions Hair Dye

Over many, many years of dying my hair lots of “crazy” colours, I have used lots of different brands and types of hair dye. I have been bleach blonde, red, brown. green, blue, yellow, purple and currently black with blue underneath.

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After all the stuff i have done to my hair i have found that my favorite brand to use is Directions. It is a semi permanent hair dye with a huge range of colours to choose from ranging from bright and pastel colours to dark and vibrant ones. Without highly bleached hair I find the colour will last for about 2-3 weeks but with bleached damaged hair i have had it last for months at a time without a top up of colour. The reason the colour lasts so much longer on bleached damaged hair is because the hair is much more pours so it almost sucks up the colour so it’ll last a lot longer and can stain the hair, especially with darker more vibrant colours over pastel colours.

If you go to my Instagram you will see some of my resent colours and also some makeup looks i have done.