Urban Decay “Naked 3” Palette

The “naked 3” palette was in fact my first ever palette and i got it because i had very light pink and purple hair and wanted to do eye makeup that would match it. I thought it was an amazing palette then and I still think that to this day.

The palette comes with 12 different colours, most are soft pinks, greys and browns but there are two highly pigmented shimmer shades , ones called “buzz” and is a lovely pink that isnt too harsh and the other is called “trick”and is a gorgeous copper colour. There are other shimmer shades but all quite muted compered to “trick” and “buzz” witch really stand out.This palette also comes with a double ended brush with a fluffy brush on one side and a compacted flat brush on the other.

Image result for naked 3 palette

I find that all the colours are very easy to control and you can create a very quick look with them. There is also very little fallout and most colours are so soft its very easy to get rid of when there is any.

The brush that comes with the palette is also surprisingly good and could be used for the whole look if wanted. The packaging is very pretty and compact so would be easy to take around if you travel a lot.

In conclusion I really like this palette and cannot find anything I do not like about it, I really recommend getting one if the colours are for you. Thankyou so much for reading X




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