Huda Textured Rose Gold Palette

I’m going to say straight away, I really really like this palette. The colours are absolutely stunning! and you can really build he colours up witch some people don’t like because they are all quite subtle until you work at them so they are not the most pigment but you wouldn’t think that it had n pigment.

Something that really stood out to me with this palette was how soft the actual shadows are. When i first got this palette i was going to swatch one of the glitter colours and to stop my finger going right through because of the unexpected softness. When you are also getting one of the matte shades on a brush you leave a lot of loose powder in each shadow, because of this you really do get a lot of fallout when applying it.

Image result for huda textured palette rose gold

whenever i have used this palette to do a look for the day i always think at the end that it really did hold its own ans has stayed pretty much exactly how i applied it at the start of the day all day.

It sounds like i do not like this palette but, i honestly do love it and when you are use to it it really is a lovely palette to use but, you really do need to get use to it in my opinion because it is very unlike anything i have used before. A huge positive is that with some eye shadows they all seem to blend out to mostly all look the same but, with this one you really can see the different shades witch i love.

overall this truly is a gorgeous palette witch i know i will be using a lot but, i do think the price point on this is quite high and i would prefer it to be slightly lower just because of the things I have mentioned about the fallout and slight lack of pigment. Anyway I do think of you are a pink lover defiantly get this palette and also if you have a passion for gold. It is stunning!

Thankyou for reading i hope this was helpful X




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