Kylie Jenner Lip Kit “Dead of Knight”

I am afraid to say that i did jump to conclusions on this brand, I thought that it would be shit and it was just getting lodes of hype because it was Kylie Jenner but I have to say I am actually so impressed with this liquid lipstick. I don’t watch The Kardashians or any of them shows really and have only really been shown a negative side of them but, now I have completely changed my mined after I was given this lipstick as a bday present.

I love a good matte lipstick! I never really wore lippy before they really became big and popular. “Dead of Knight” is actually so a gorgeous its just so deep but, there is one thing that annoys me slightly, the lip liner doesn’t seem to be able to be sharpened even though your meant to put it over your lips, that is going to run out quick and I think that is actually really unfair because that’s going to be gone way before the actual lipstick is. Although I do love this lipstick it dose start to chip and go from your lips much faster than others I have tried, I find myself constantly topping it up on my inner lips witch dose get annoying when your just trying to look mint when out or just strutting around the house. Something I do love about this lipstick is something i think a lot of people do really like in a liquid lipstick and that is that it is not tacky or sticky at all! That is a huge yes to be because i cannot stand the slight stick of a lipstick.


I find myself liking Jeffree stars liquid lipsticks more than Kylie’s, there just so much more long wearing and comfy on your lips, i actually have a review of Jeffree Stars liquid lipstick in “Designer Blood”

Over all i really do like this lip kit, but i do not think it is the best and is slightly over priced for what it is and what you get. I really hope you enjoyed this post. Thankyou X


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