Sculpting your Face and what Works for you

My Horrible Embarrassment

When i first started out doing my makeup I was completely clueless about where to apply a shadow and highlight. I also did not know what colour I should be using. I am incredibly pale myself I should have been using a very cool toned colour to create shadows on my face but, I decided that what I should be using was a shimmering bronzer that looked straight up orange on my paleness. To at salt to the wound I really slapped it on, to the point where powder would fly everywhere when I tried to make it look neat applying it with my huge fluffy brush. At this point you must have realized that i had no idea what I was doing but, know I do and am trying to save people from the same horrible embarrassment i put myself through.

What you should use + My fave products to use

I am ghost pale myself so I have to use very cool toned products on my face and have actually used a highlighting powder as my normal face powder so yeah I am as pale as you can get. So if you are like me my favorite palettes to use are ether the “NYX pro highlight and contour palette”or what i am using and loving at the moment witch is the “Kat Von D shade and light palette” I have also written about this product so if you would like more information heres the link to that blog post

If you are of a darker completions you will need to use a more warm toned product. If anyone if having a problem telling if they are warm or cool toned, look at the vanes on your whist or where they are most visible, if your vanes appear blue you are cool toned and if they are more green that means you are more warm. I am sorry I do not have any suggestions of products good for darker completions seeing as i do not use them myself and do not feel right about saying somethings good or bad without trying it out myself.

Brushes + Where to apply

I am a complete Morphe Brushes addicts and cannot get enough of them so I have to recommend them. Good brushes can take your makeup skils to the next level and pretty much all there brush sets will have a good contour brush.

To make your cheekbones look more pronounced apply the shadow just under them in the hollows of your cheeks but not all the way by your mouth. Keep it concentrated to the edges of your face. If you believe you have a prominent forehead and would like to minimize the look of it apply the shadow by your hair line, gradually drawing i down your forehead but of course not all the way down. Also do this at the sides of your forehead to bring it in. If you want to reduce the size of your chin or hide a double all you have to do you have to do is apply some on your jawline adding shadow to parts you want hidden and reduced the most.

I hope this was helpful and shad a little light. Be sure to follow my Instagram and twitter Thankyou X


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