New Hair + Future Hair

So over many years of dying my hair i have finally gone black and green to my parents disgust, I personally love it but, I also miss my light hair so much and am always tempted to go back. (I had white hair for any years) I plan on having this colour hair for at least 2 months so it has some time to rest and have nothing done to it seeing as it is quite chemically damaged already.


So this is what my hair is looking like currently, because i had blue in my hair previously i had to bleach part of my hair to try and remove some of the colour witch had stained my hair so i could get the colour i wanted out of the green. I wanted it very vibrant and not dirty at all and i am very happy with how it came out. Seeing as i bleached it i do not want to bleach again straight away (I have now had this hair for 3 weeks) and to be honest i am scared of trying to remove permanent black dye out of my hair.


Future Hair Plan

Permanent black hair dye should take me 3 bleaching using volume 40 and i should also weight at least 1 week between bleaching and i will also need to tone my hair also to get platinum blonde hair witch i can start to work with and colour again. After this long and tedious process I will be dying my hair something very different to what i have now.

At my roots traveling partly down the lengths of my hair there will be a very soft lavender, slightly more pink than that actually lavender colour. This will then be leading on to a baby pink witch will continue through the rest of my hair. the reason I have chosen these colours is because blue and pink are not n the same colour palette so they would look slightly off if together, that is why i will be making the lavender rather pink .

I really hope you like my future hair thoughts and what i have going on now. If you were wondering the green i have now is Directions Hair dye in ‘Spring Green” mixed with a very small amount of “lagoon Blue” I have  post written about directions hair dye already if you would like it find out more.

Thankyou very much for reading X


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