Jeffree Stars Liquid Lipstick “Designer Blood”

I have been watching Jeffree Star on his YouTube channel for many years now but to be honest with you I am fairly new to his makeup line but, oh my god this one lipstick has transformed me in to a Star enthusiast!

When i first came across this colour i wasn’t o sure, i felt it was too much like his very popular “Alligator Blood” and that he just brought out one very similar just because he knew it would sell well but, I have now been made to eat my words. This is a totally different colour and oh so beautiful. In its container you cannot see its true self and i don’t even cameras can do it justice! At first it just looked a slightly dirty, deep red but then I watch some swatches of it and I just had to have it. Unseen before to me there was a gorgeous gold tint and glow to it that was just so unexpected and stunning.

Image result for designer blood

The formula, oh my god the formula! Okay so I’ll have to admit I was worried of how it would feel on my lips because I do not know why but my other Jeffree Star liquid lipstick witch was “abused” felt so incredibly thick on my lips and I still do not know why. Everyone raves about how light your lips feel with it on and how pigmented and long lasting it is. Wow do I understand why people are in love with it. I have honestly forgotten I was wearing it at once point and got shocked when i looked in the mirror.

This is a ineradicable liquid lipstick! I cannot be more happy with it and it is so my new favorite, I highly suggest you get this seeing as i cannot find even one down fall of it.  Thankyou for reading and what the lipstick looks like on me will be on my Instagram so please follow and also follow im twitter to know when i have a new post out



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