Kylie Jenner Lip Kit “Dead of Knight”

I am afraid to say that i did jump to conclusions on this brand, I thought that it would be shit and it was just getting lodes of hype because it was Kylie Jenner but I have to say I am actually so impressed with this liquid lipstick. I don’t watch The Kardashians or any of them shows really and have only really been shown a negative side of them but, now I have completely changed my mined after I was given this lipstick as a bday present.

I love a good matte lipstick! I never really wore lippy before they really became big and popular. “Dead of Knight” is actually so a gorgeous its just so deep but, there is one thing that annoys me slightly, the lip liner doesn’t seem to be able to be sharpened even though your meant to put it over your lips, that is going to run out quick and I think that is actually really unfair because that’s going to be gone way before the actual lipstick is. Although I do love this lipstick it dose start to chip and go from your lips much faster than others I have tried, I find myself constantly topping it up on my inner lips witch dose get annoying when your just trying to look mint when out or just strutting around the house. Something I do love about this lipstick is something i think a lot of people do really like in a liquid lipstick and that is that it is not tacky or sticky at all! That is a huge yes to be because i cannot stand the slight stick of a lipstick.


I find myself liking Jeffree stars liquid lipsticks more than Kylie’s, there just so much more long wearing and comfy on your lips, i actually have a review of Jeffree Stars liquid lipstick in “Designer Blood”

Over all i really do like this lip kit, but i do not think it is the best and is slightly over priced for what it is and what you get. I really hope you enjoyed this post. Thankyou X


Sculpting your Face and what Works for you

My Horrible Embarrassment

When i first started out doing my makeup I was completely clueless about where to apply a shadow and highlight. I also did not know what colour I should be using. I am incredibly pale myself I should have been using a very cool toned colour to create shadows on my face but, I decided that what I should be using was a shimmering bronzer that looked straight up orange on my paleness. To at salt to the wound I really slapped it on, to the point where powder would fly everywhere when I tried to make it look neat applying it with my huge fluffy brush. At this point you must have realized that i had no idea what I was doing but, know I do and am trying to save people from the same horrible embarrassment i put myself through.

What you should use + My fave products to use

I am ghost pale myself so I have to use very cool toned products on my face and have actually used a highlighting powder as my normal face powder so yeah I am as pale as you can get. So if you are like me my favorite palettes to use are ether the “NYX pro highlight and contour palette”or what i am using and loving at the moment witch is the “Kat Von D shade and light palette” I have also written about this product so if you would like more information heres the link to that blog post

If you are of a darker completions you will need to use a more warm toned product. If anyone if having a problem telling if they are warm or cool toned, look at the vanes on your whist or where they are most visible, if your vanes appear blue you are cool toned and if they are more green that means you are more warm. I am sorry I do not have any suggestions of products good for darker completions seeing as i do not use them myself and do not feel right about saying somethings good or bad without trying it out myself.

Brushes + Where to apply

I am a complete Morphe Brushes addicts and cannot get enough of them so I have to recommend them. Good brushes can take your makeup skils to the next level and pretty much all there brush sets will have a good contour brush.

To make your cheekbones look more pronounced apply the shadow just under them in the hollows of your cheeks but not all the way by your mouth. Keep it concentrated to the edges of your face. If you believe you have a prominent forehead and would like to minimize the look of it apply the shadow by your hair line, gradually drawing i down your forehead but of course not all the way down. Also do this at the sides of your forehead to bring it in. If you want to reduce the size of your chin or hide a double all you have to do you have to do is apply some on your jawline adding shadow to parts you want hidden and reduced the most.

I hope this was helpful and shad a little light. Be sure to follow my Instagram and twitter Thankyou X

New Hair + Future Hair

So over many years of dying my hair i have finally gone black and green to my parents disgust, I personally love it but, I also miss my light hair so much and am always tempted to go back. (I had white hair for any years) I plan on having this colour hair for at least 2 months so it has some time to rest and have nothing done to it seeing as it is quite chemically damaged already.


So this is what my hair is looking like currently, because i had blue in my hair previously i had to bleach part of my hair to try and remove some of the colour witch had stained my hair so i could get the colour i wanted out of the green. I wanted it very vibrant and not dirty at all and i am very happy with how it came out. Seeing as i bleached it i do not want to bleach again straight away (I have now had this hair for 3 weeks) and to be honest i am scared of trying to remove permanent black dye out of my hair.


Future Hair Plan

Permanent black hair dye should take me 3 bleaching using volume 40 and i should also weight at least 1 week between bleaching and i will also need to tone my hair also to get platinum blonde hair witch i can start to work with and colour again. After this long and tedious process I will be dying my hair something very different to what i have now.

At my roots traveling partly down the lengths of my hair there will be a very soft lavender, slightly more pink than that actually lavender colour. This will then be leading on to a baby pink witch will continue through the rest of my hair. the reason I have chosen these colours is because blue and pink are not n the same colour palette so they would look slightly off if together, that is why i will be making the lavender rather pink .

I really hope you like my future hair thoughts and what i have going on now. If you were wondering the green i have now is Directions Hair dye in ‘Spring Green” mixed with a very small amount of “lagoon Blue” I have  post written about directions hair dye already if you would like it find out more.

Thankyou very much for reading X

Jeffree Stars Liquid Lipstick “Designer Blood”

I have been watching Jeffree Star on his YouTube channel for many years now but to be honest with you I am fairly new to his makeup line but, oh my god this one lipstick has transformed me in to a Star enthusiast!

When i first came across this colour i wasn’t o sure, i felt it was too much like his very popular “Alligator Blood” and that he just brought out one very similar just because he knew it would sell well but, I have now been made to eat my words. This is a totally different colour and oh so beautiful. In its container you cannot see its true self and i don’t even cameras can do it justice! At first it just looked a slightly dirty, deep red but then I watch some swatches of it and I just had to have it. Unseen before to me there was a gorgeous gold tint and glow to it that was just so unexpected and stunning.

Image result for designer blood

The formula, oh my god the formula! Okay so I’ll have to admit I was worried of how it would feel on my lips because I do not know why but my other Jeffree Star liquid lipstick witch was “abused” felt so incredibly thick on my lips and I still do not know why. Everyone raves about how light your lips feel with it on and how pigmented and long lasting it is. Wow do I understand why people are in love with it. I have honestly forgotten I was wearing it at once point and got shocked when i looked in the mirror.

This is a ineradicable liquid lipstick! I cannot be more happy with it and it is so my new favorite, I highly suggest you get this seeing as i cannot find even one down fall of it.  Thankyou for reading and what the lipstick looks like on me will be on my Instagram so please follow and also follow im twitter to know when i have a new post out