Kat Von D Shade and Light Contour Palette

As i am falling more and more in love with makeup i am at the same time falling more and more in love with the incredible Kat Von D. This palette has signal handedly taken my contour skills to a whole new level.

I am extremely pale myself and very cool toned so finding a nice cool toned contour palette was a struggle, for a long time i used NYX pro highlight and contour palette but even that was to warm for me (very good though) but, wow this Kat Von D one is just gorgeous! All colours are very cool toned and incredibly easy to control . Tey just create such a perfect natural looking shadow other than an orange streak across your cheek.


I think this about every single one of Kats products but the packaging to just amazing! I love how unique it is and its attention to detail, as she is a tattoo artist first i think this gives her such a great edge when it comes to packaging. I’ll have to admit that i am someone who will more likely pick a product with amazing ascetics over one without but, i feel like many people are like me in that way so that Kats packaging looks the way it does it must draw more people in. There is such a nice touch that comes with this, its a little instruction card saying where you could apply each shade, dark and light. Its the small things that i think make such a difference and i think it is just such a nice addition to the palette even if you do not need it.

Over all i am just in love! i cannot find any fold with this at all and i will definitely be getting more when i have used this one up, i highly recommend getting one if you are a fellow pale person.



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