So this look is inspired by a beautiful mermaid, To me it is wearable but to many not> wear what you like but just remember to have fun with it and wear it because you like it. So this is the look…


I personally loved doing this look! i think it is so much fun and easy to do. You cannot see in this picture but my hair is also blue underneath that is the reason for the blue and purple.

Many people would say that this look isn’t something that is wearable and you could wear on a daily biases, but in my opinion that is ridiculousness, anything that you are wearing is in definition wearable  and what you wear shouldn’t form peoples first opinion of you, but unfortunately that’s the way it is and i am also responsible for doing thatt, but it shouldn’t makeup someone shy away from talking to you. just be happy being you.


For the lips i used a light, bright blue liquid lipstick from NYX, witch i LOVE and so will be doing a review of soon. I then ombre with a gorges pastel purple lipstick ( i got this lipstick a long time ago and  dont know what it is, but any purple will do). At the top of my lips at the cupid’s bow and at ether sides of the lips i did a thin outline in only them areas with Jeffree Star’s liquid lipstick in “abused” just to add a bit of definition and difference to this look.


The eye makeup for this look is also simple using just one makeup palette witch is the Picasso palette by Morphe, yes i know i know i use Morphe in so many looks and i use there brushes everyday, but they are amazing that is why i use them. Anyway, this is how you do it. To stat i use the Kat Von D eye liner to start the wing then i full it with a normal black liquid eye liner to complete the cat eye. Leave the water line with no liner on it so the eyes look wider and not to heavy and dark seeing as we are going for a light magical look. After the liner has dried apply the white shadow from the palette I mentioned before, this is so all the other shadows we are going to put on top blend seamlessly and evenly, the next colour used is the purple, blend this in to your crease and up to the end of the liner, you will then apply the light blue the same as the purple just not as high so the purple is still visible. Next mix the blue and black to make a new colour witch will just be in the crease and closes to the liner (don’t apply to much). Repeat this on the bottom lashes keeping the darker colours only reaching the middle of the eyes. Add mascara or light lashes.


Of course do your foundation, contour and brows as you would normally. I really hope you enjoyed this look and go follow my Instagram for sneak peaks of what i may do next.



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