Kat Von D Tattoo Liner

I love Kat Von D myself, I even watched her show before i even thought about wearing makeup and now i do, I cannot get enough of her! She was the reason why i am really in to an alternative look and have been planning and designing my own tattoos for the future for many years. Even with my love for Kat and her work i am so disappointed with this product!

Image result for kat von d tattoo liner


I love a cat eye and will wear the sharpest, largest wing with every looks. I honestly feel naked without my wings, so i have used a lot of different liners, liquid, pen and gel, it all.

I was so excited when i got this liner and was just praying for it to live up to the hype, but for me it so didn’t. I found that drawing the first line was so dark and so sharp i was amazed but then as i started to do more it just faded drastically and very fast, it became hard to get anything out of it.

I am someone who apples my eyes after foundation, could this have something to do with the decrease in pigment? Hasnt happened before to me but, maybe.

The Brand

I think that the reason I felt so let down was because of my love for all her other products. I respect and love her so much and that may be why i was so disappointed.

I believe it was overly hyped. I guess still a good liner, Very good for drawing the initial lines to mark out where the other liner is going but i think its not great for a full look.

Very sharp at the start but not as dark.



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