Morphe 35p Palette

First Thoughts:

My first thoughts of the Morphe 35p palette was its value for money. At only £18.25 you will get 35 gorges plum and neutral shades in both matte and shimmer, all are highly pigmented but do have a lot of fallout so i suggest applying foundation after or using a fluffy light brush to softly dust the product away.



What i love most about this product is that each shadow in the palette is very pigmented and easy to use. All show very clearly witch makes this palette very fun and not one for the fainthearted.

All are also very easy to blend and do not require to much work to create a beautifully blended flawless look, even for beginners.


A problem i only find with some of the shadows in the palette is that some shades are so similar that once blended they seem to become the same colour or so close to the same that without focusing in you could not tell they are different, witch i finds renders all the careful blending useless.

Another dislike i have is that some shadows once on the brush become incredibly loose witch courses a large amount off fallout (i do not find this to be a major problem though because of the order of eyes then foundation).


In my opinion this is a very fun and easy to use palette with some beautiful shades in it that can be used for everyday wear or for an occasion. the colour results are incredible and I believe that all shades in this palette will work well on all skin tones especially darker and more tanned ones, but i am incredibly pale myself yet love this palette and use it a LOT. This is honestly a very good product and i highly recommend buying it!


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