So this look is inspired by a beautiful mermaid, To me it is wearable but to many not> wear what you like but just remember to have fun with it and wear it because you like it. So this is the look…


I personally loved doing this look! i think it is so much fun and easy to do. You cannot see in this picture but my hair is also blue underneath that is the reason for the blue and purple.

Many people would say that this look isn’t something that is wearable and you could wear on a daily biases, but in my opinion that is ridiculousness, anything that you are wearing is in definition wearable  and what you wear shouldn’t form peoples first opinion of you, but unfortunately that’s the way it is and i am also responsible for doing thatt, but it shouldn’t makeup someone shy away from talking to you. just be happy being you.


For the lips i used a light, bright blue liquid lipstick from NYX, witch i LOVE and so will be doing a review of soon. I then ombre with a gorges pastel purple lipstick ( i got this lipstick a long time ago and  dont know what it is, but any purple will do). At the top of my lips at the cupid’s bow and at ether sides of the lips i did a thin outline in only them areas with Jeffree Star’s liquid lipstick in “abused” just to add a bit of definition and difference to this look.


The eye makeup for this look is also simple using just one makeup palette witch is the Picasso palette by Morphe, yes i know i know i use Morphe in so many looks and i use there brushes everyday, but they are amazing that is why i use them. Anyway, this is how you do it. To stat i use the Kat Von D eye liner to start the wing then i full it with a normal black liquid eye liner to complete the cat eye. Leave the water line with no liner on it so the eyes look wider and not to heavy and dark seeing as we are going for a light magical look. After the liner has dried apply the white shadow from the palette I mentioned before, this is so all the other shadows we are going to put on top blend seamlessly and evenly, the next colour used is the purple, blend this in to your crease and up to the end of the liner, you will then apply the light blue the same as the purple just not as high so the purple is still visible. Next mix the blue and black to make a new colour witch will just be in the crease and closes to the liner (don’t apply to much). Repeat this on the bottom lashes keeping the darker colours only reaching the middle of the eyes. Add mascara or light lashes.


Of course do your foundation, contour and brows as you would normally. I really hope you enjoyed this look and go follow my Instagram for sneak peaks of what i may do next.



Kat Von D Tattoo Liner

I love Kat Von D myself, I even watched her show before i even thought about wearing makeup and now i do, I cannot get enough of her! She was the reason why i am really in to an alternative look and have been planning and designing my own tattoos for the future for many years. Even with my love for Kat and her work i am so disappointed with this product!

Image result for kat von d tattoo liner


I love a cat eye and will wear the sharpest, largest wing with every looks. I honestly feel naked without my wings, so i have used a lot of different liners, liquid, pen and gel, it all.

I was so excited when i got this liner and was just praying for it to live up to the hype, but for me it so didn’t. I found that drawing the first line was so dark and so sharp i was amazed but then as i started to do more it just faded drastically and very fast, it became hard to get anything out of it.

I am someone who apples my eyes after foundation, could this have something to do with the decrease in pigment? Hasnt happened before to me but, maybe.

The Brand

I think that the reason I felt so let down was because of my love for all her other products. I respect and love her so much and that may be why i was so disappointed.

I believe it was overly hyped. I guess still a good liner, Very good for drawing the initial lines to mark out where the other liner is going but i think its not great for a full look.

Very sharp at the start but not as dark.


Directions Hair Dye

Over many, many years of dying my hair lots of “crazy” colours, I have used lots of different brands and types of hair dye. I have been bleach blonde, red, brown. green, blue, yellow, purple and currently black with blue underneath.

Image result for directions hair dye

After all the stuff i have done to my hair i have found that my favorite brand to use is Directions. It is a semi permanent hair dye with a huge range of colours to choose from ranging from bright and pastel colours to dark and vibrant ones. Without highly bleached hair I find the colour will last for about 2-3 weeks but with bleached damaged hair i have had it last for months at a time without a top up of colour. The reason the colour lasts so much longer on bleached damaged hair is because the hair is much more pours so it almost sucks up the colour so it’ll last a lot longer and can stain the hair, especially with darker more vibrant colours over pastel colours.

If you go to my Instagram you will see some of my resent colours and also some makeup looks i have done.

Morphe 35p Palette

First Thoughts:

My first thoughts of the Morphe 35p palette was its value for money. At only £18.25 you will get 35 gorges plum and neutral shades in both matte and shimmer, all are highly pigmented but do have a lot of fallout so i suggest applying foundation after or using a fluffy light brush to softly dust the product away.



What i love most about this product is that each shadow in the palette is very pigmented and easy to use. All show very clearly witch makes this palette very fun and not one for the fainthearted.

All are also very easy to blend and do not require to much work to create a beautifully blended flawless look, even for beginners.


A problem i only find with some of the shadows in the palette is that some shades are so similar that once blended they seem to become the same colour or so close to the same that without focusing in you could not tell they are different, witch i finds renders all the careful blending useless.

Another dislike i have is that some shadows once on the brush become incredibly loose witch courses a large amount off fallout (i do not find this to be a major problem though because of the order of eyes then foundation).


In my opinion this is a very fun and easy to use palette with some beautiful shades in it that can be used for everyday wear or for an occasion. the colour results are incredible and I believe that all shades in this palette will work well on all skin tones especially darker and more tanned ones, but i am incredibly pale myself yet love this palette and use it a LOT. This is honestly a very good product and i highly recommend buying it!